Direct Mail to motvated sellers

My husband and I are new to real estate investing . We have started building our buyers list and we are contacting motivated sellers. We want to do direct mail. Does eany one have a sample of a post card or letter they can send us via email. Or what kind of buzz words should we use. Thanks!


People are pretty tight with their letters. You can find samples all over the net though with a Google search. BUT, you have to put in the keyword that you are looking for which you didn’t mention. You said motivated sellers. There are many reasons for motivation. Divorce, probate, tax liens, pre-foreclosure, vacant property, job relocation, making two payments because they thought they could sell the old one, inherited unwanted house, major repairs needed, laid off, just went on disability, real estate listing expired with no sale, bad tenants, etc.

You need to pick 1 to start with and go after it.

AND… buzz words DO NOT HELP. They only help you look like you are some kind of slick salesperson that they will be attacked by. The letters should sound like you are just a person who wants to buy their house. A NICE person. A friend. That’s all. That you can solve whatever problem you pick to mail to. That you understand the issues they may be going through, etc. In a compassionate way with absolutely no indication of BS.