Direct Mail Success

I am looking into doing some direct mail and want to know if anyone has a suggestion for a course to help guide me. For example, what to mail… who to mail to… and how often; and postcard and letter designs to grab maximum attention. There are a ton of marketing gurus and I don’t want to spend money on junk. Does anyone have an opinion on Dan Kennedy, Richard Roop or Dan Doran?


im not sure about books to purchase though ive read many concerning real estate and marketing. I just stumbled on something that is getting me excellent results. If you go into gas stations, food markets etc that have real estate magazines and homes for sale etc there are companies that will place your flyer or brochure on those stands in areas you choose " areas where people have alot of money etc". suprisingly im finding its $150 to have your flyers placed in 10 locations. Since you can choose where its a pretty good deal. Might help you might not. Best of luck.,

They have racks of flyers? I’ve never seen that … how many different flyers on are each rack?

I see them a lot in grocery stores near me, they usually have things like books of used cars at local dealers, pamplets for non-profits, jobs, etc. They are usually strategically placed near entrances or exits of the stores.

I see the Real Estate Magazines, Car Trader, etc. but have you ever seen a rack of flyers?

I love direct mail As far as who. You cannot go wrong with Dan Kennedy or Roop. Targeted Mail is the answer in most cases. You can either use post cards if you are on a tight budget or use greeting cards like I do. I use them more for demographic type marketing. When I do geographic I use the cards. You cannot beat .30 per card.


0.30/card? I don’t see that on… the prices I’ve seen were too high. Which option do you choose?

I am a Dan Kennedy Gold + member and his stuff is good and entertaining. True to type, he is always trying to sell you something tho’. I use USPS for ease of use, good service, good looking postcards.
Big Cheese Marketing who I think still posts here is good and reasonable. I ahve purchased some things from her and have been pleased. Plus she has regular free mailings which are helpful.

Jonathan’s remark was probably regarding Send out cards system,
not USPS. I will have to go back to USPS and look it over.

If you send mass mail, I’d suggest ordering cards and sending
them yourself or using a company specialized in card mailings.

Send Out Cards is a perfect tool for follow ups and as a referral system.


Sorry for the late update. The system is used as an outside contractor called NETPOST via Its actually less than .30 per card. Now it looks like bulk mail. Its black and white. But I make mine personalized as the mail merge feature.

About those free books in the grocery stores. I bought sticky notes from (about .03 each) and went into the stores and placed a sticky note on each free magazine that was there.

Everyone Likes to grab and dream with the house magazines and want to move to a new house. I give them a way to quickly sell their house if they want to move. On my sticky notes I put “Give this to someone that wants to move up and out!” It seems to bring in lost of phone calls that start with my neighbor gave this to me and …

Give it a try. Seems like a lot of work but the phone keeps ringing.
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