Direct Mail - Questions on lists and stamps

Hey guys,

A little update. I’ve been working the bandit signs for a month now. I get consistent leads daily, usually about 1 a day. Issue is, MOST of them are not deal-worthy. In fact, only a couple so far MAY be deal worthy, i’ve bird dogged them out and we’ll see what happens.

So i’ve decided to target my marketing better, and after looking through mailing list samples ( i’m convinced that direct mail is the way to go. I can market ONLY to people who are qualified by my criteria, instead of fishing through lots of unqualified leads and spending alot of time and energy. Although, the experience has been WELL worth it.

So i plan on working with pre-foreclosures, and just wanted to make sure i’m putting together my list correctly. So far i’ve only tested so please chime in with other suggestions. But with them, i’ve tested filtering by:

  • Date of mortgage purchase (atleast 10 years ensuring proper equity)
  • Are in pre-foreclosure
  • And in my particular area

Results so far (with listsources example, which gives you 3 free prospects) are great. I can find people in pre-foreclosure, who have owned the property long enough for there to be equity, and within whatever area i want. Talk about targetted! Talk about not wasting time talking to unmotivated OR unqualified leads! So i’m stoked, please let me know if you recommend a different list broker or another way of filtering my list.

My other questions was stamps. I’m putting together my Direct Mail budget and realize stamps are the most expensive item, at .41 cents a stamp. Is there any way to get them cheaper? I’ve checked ebay, froogle, and google to no prevail.

Thanks alot and i really look forward to everyone’s responses!

Look for doing post cards using the postal service like

As far as list goes, I have been using for a year or so.

I like to mail to Out of Area owners.

I’m going lean and mean with this Direct Mail Campaign. I don’t have alot of money, but doesn’t mean i have to skimp on leads!

I’m going to do small mailings, VERY TARGETED (which is the main question of this post, how do you guys filter/search for lists for pre-foreclosures, what’s your criteria per se?), and all handwritten. I will use a yellow letter with regular stamp, and yellow legal pad, everything handwritten.

So far i’ve done some sample searches on, my criteria was:

  • My Area
  • Flagged pre-foreclosure
  • Mortgage purchased no sooner than 10 years
  • Mortgage price range (my price range)

Is there anything i’ve overlooked? From my Bandit Sign experience, i’ve received alot of leads but they’re ALL over the place. I’m looking to target my market better, and this seemed too good to be true. I can literally mail only to people who have enough equity, and are going through foreclosure, and are in my area and price range.

I just want to do my first mailing as well informed as possible. Thanks for everything, you guys have basically built my business thus far!

I’ve used for my mailings, and they work great. You can send standard postcards for about $0.35 mailed each. What I like the most is that I can upload my own mailing list in Excel format. You can also send letters and brochures for about $.50 each, but that’s a bit expensive. Hope that helps! :cool

Thanks Raquel, i’ll look more into it. I should have been more specific in my forum post and content, i’m going to post a new thread. I really wanted to know what criteria you guys put into your pre-foreclosure mailing lists?

But i’ll post a new thread on it, this ones a dud. :slight_smile: