Direct Mail Postcards

I’m in the process fo getting my copy together for a large mailer I’m going to be doing. I’m looking for advice and feedback from anyone who has done the postcards before. I’m spending good money on sending out thousands of postcards so I want to have a good call to action and text on the postcard.

Does anyone have a PROVEN copy they can share with me so I have a good starting point. I hate to spend thousands of dollars on the postage and printing only to have a back mailer out there.



Postcards are going to have your least response however they may be your best ratio to success. Depends on the card you use.

Yeah I’m going off some stuff I got from Roop’s site. Sending out about 7500 at a cost of $1000. I’m hoping to generate a buzz in the areas I’m targeting and sending personal letters and other information to other more targeted sellers. I’m just looking for a solid - proven copy I can use. Richard Roop had some stuff on his site but I’m not sure if anyone has used it with any results.

I was reading quite a few of your posts in other rooms and got some good information from you. Went to your text site - like the idea (was previously working on TV commercials promoting the short codes), went to your personal site and I’m probably going to buy one of your packets of docs. I’m also going to work out your process of the circle of influence I just read on the post about a $200 marketing budget.

Any other information you care to provide is welcome. I’m turning on the marketing machine and I’m open to any suggestions from experienced investors.

This business is all about marketing…

I’m curious Michael. You said that postcards yield the least response. I’m not a direct mail guy as you know, but how do you figure that postcards get the least response? With letters isn’t the challenge to get them open? With a post card the message is right there as soon as they pick it up right? Personally, I think you are right. I have gotten low responses from my postcards. I think the reason is that other investors are also sending postcards to the same list of people which is just drowning out my postcards. Oh and thanks again for the advice on the bulk rate mailings for letters. I’m going to start the process at the beginning of the year.

I haven’t done direct mail for a long time but I do remember getting a much better response from postcards than from letters. Letters were around 2-3%, postcards 10-11%. I mailed to active MLS listings exclusively, especially the ones I couldn’t get phone numbers for.

I prefer to just pick up the phone and call those people when and where I can, it’s free, only takes a few minutes, and the positive response hovers around 25%.

I also do some email marketing mainly to realtors.

where are you sending 7500 cards for only $1000… that cant be postage and printing.

That really is a good response at a 2-3% rate

If a person sends out just 500 post cards a week to a targeted list and gets a 2-3% response rate thats 10 to 15 leads a week. A 1000 postcards a week would be 20 to 30. I need to get my volume up to that level.