Direct mail marketing question

I have been posting on Craigslist looking for motivated sellers, but the response hasn’t been that great. I have heard that a direct mail marketing plan generates many more leads. Can anyone confirm this? If postcards are the way to go, how do I go about getting all the addresses that I want to target? Is there a website that will do this for me?

I have also heard that it is possible to use the internet find the areas within a particular city where investors are buying. Is there any truth to this one? My own searches haven’t produced anything of value. Does anyone have any website recommendations?


 I'm not guru or expert, but this is what is working for me in my market with some success.  Postcards with company logo on it, is my step one, the next day I sent out a letters with a magnet business card with my company logo, that's my step two, step three postcard.  Saturday, I go knocking on the doors ( that's my last step) I introduce myself letting them know I'm with so and so, llc (Yes, I have a company skirt with a logo ) I chat with the homeowner letting them know what kind service we can provide ( all cash "as is" no fees) If, the homeowner is not interested I leave them my brochure and 3 business cards.  Well, that's it. It working for me, but every market is a little different. I hope that gives you some ideals

The list that I use is the code compliances and Tax delinquents from city website. I kind try to brand my company name and logo. We have couple of franchise investors in my area. So, trying let people know I’m a local business.

I have recently obtained in my city a list of properties that has had compliance issues…(find the code enforcer for your city) and I plan to send out post cards to each of these homes. I have asked some successful wholesalers what their strategies were and many have said this…hopefully the response rate is pretty good.

Direct mail is awesome as long as your messaging is right and it stands out from everyone else your competing with.

Think of it this way, would you rather chase a lead or have the lead chase you? Since we all agree its about motivation, you’ll find many more motivated sellers with direct mail, a web site, bandit signs, etc. It may cost more but the reward is hopefully more solid responses that will equate to high close ratios. You wont have to sift thru the junk so much.

Post cards are good but always try to think outside the box. If everyone else in your area is sending a postcard, how will you stand apart? Try something different like a hand written post it note stuffed into a colored small invitiation envelope. If you opened your mail and spotted an invitiation envelope, would you open it? I can say yes because thats where I learned this method. A carpet cleaner in my area is now doing this and they got me to read their message. Its all about getting the client to read your message. Now your message has to resonate with them for the person to take action but the first big step is getting them to read your message.