Direct mail letter

What investor out there that is using a letter that gets good response rate. If you have a letter that good i would i see what you are saying in it. John Michael have letter he uses and said he gets 16.7 % respnose rate back. Do anybody get a better percentage then the that

THAT is an exceptional rate! I would guess that few could beat it!


If anyone has a copy of that letter, please email it to me. thanks. ???

Keep in mind that the response rate depends not just on the letter/mailer, but also on the list that it is sent to. It is good to get your hands on a successful letter, but how you use it will also affect your results.


I have used John’s letter for awhile now (with some of my own wording) and had a response rate of about 30% or so…but things have slowed down as of late.

Here is a link to his letter:


Hi Ryan,

I checked out the preforeclosure letter. You said that you have had a good return rate. I am concerned of the length of the letter…it seems like most people would just throw it away before reading the whole thing?


Its not all about the length of the letter its about if its boring to read. I sent out 50 letters 3 weeks ago and got 8 respones. Look at it like this. The letter that been sent explains the options the homeowner has. I didnt come straight out and say I want to buy your house. When a homeowner read this letter, they see that I know about real estate and not just trying to buy there house. This gives them a little trust in me.


thanks guys! that makes sense… :slight_smile:

I just read John Michael’s letter and he definately had his A Game together when he put it together. It was very lenghty, but after a potential foreclosure candidate reads it, he/she is almost compelled to call him to see if John can save the day…I am an investor in Chicago and I do mostly gut rehabs and flips (about 7-10 per year) but seeing this letter really makes me want to step away from my niche, go and get a foreclosure list, and send out a couple thousand of these letters and see what happens…Oh yeah, I guess finding out what to do if the people actually respond would be a good thing to know as well…Great Letter… Thanks for the post…

I have used a similar strategy before. I sent a “free report” (i.e. long sales letter) to the interested prospect. It explained the basics of what they could expect in the foreclosure process (time line, their legal rights, etc.) then it told them their options (real estate agent, bankruptcy, borrow from family, etc.) and then I told them what I could do for them.

It was pretty clear by the end of the letter that if they wanted the best chance of saving their credit and maybe some of their equity, that working with me on a short sale was a good bet. This gained trust because for the first time someone was giving them straight talk.

If someone really good sell their house fast and pay things off, I told them that they should try it. This didn’t happen very often, though. Even then they often didn’t want to mess with selling it as they were discouraged and fed up.

The clincher was that I made it clear that I would be doing my best to take the situation into my hands, relieve their stress and find a solution.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but it really is an effective strategy.