Direct Mail Campaign to Pre-Foreclosures

I’m going to go with the 5 piece sequence-2 initial postcards & 3 direct mail pieces.

Can anyone recommend a company to use or is this something I should do myself?

I suggest doing it yourself. Until you have multiple deals going at the same time and you are closing at least one short sale a quarter I don’t suggest out sourcing any of your direct adverts. Financially it is more cost effective to do it yourself, at least until you are closing deals. If you must outsource I would wait until your short sale proceeds can cover the expense.


When dealing with people in foreclosure I have found that the personal touch is best. Every outsourcing company I have seen thus far has a corporate or business feeling to their adverts. People in foreclosure are generally hiding from anything that looks official in regards to their home and the foreclosure. Personalized literature presented in a professional manner, in my opinion, is a much more effective form of foreclosure adverts and produces a better response rate.

Good Luck! :beer

I agree doing it yourself is by far the best idea… Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said “the man who cuts his own firewood is twice warmed”?

I created a web based software system to do all of mine which eliminated a ton of time… After all having the time is key… BTW time is an acronym for Tools, Information, Education and Marketing. Once you conquer those four areas then you’ll have all the time you need.

Happy Investing

Michael Quarles