Direct Mail Campaign Already Paying Off

I sent 45 yellow letters to out-of-state sellers on 12 July. So far, one of them has been returned undeliverable. Last evening, I get a text message from a person who has received my letter asking if I’m still looking to buy his house. :shocked

I did not expect to get any response back from these letters. Since I got one, it’s time to switch gears and see if I can convert these $0.49+ into a couple of thousands.

I will be calling the seller in a couple of hours during my lunch break, so wish me luck. Also I will welcome any advice :director from the experienced folks here to make this conversion happen.

EDIT: This was a wholesaling mailing campaign.

18 July EDIT: No go on this seller. Turns out he already fixed up the house and is selling it at market price. But guess what? I found myself a buyer for future deals. An excellent outcome in my book.

GREAT JOB! Good way to start.


Thats amazing, ours have not been doing to well this year.

Great job and good luck.