Direct Lenders for International Loans?

I am a commercial mortgage broker and I am trying to locate direct lenders for international loans. Does anyone know of any lenders that fund international loans(preferably hard money loans)?

I can’t help you on this but it may help people that are answering if you could please post what countries the target properties will be in.

The countries I am presently working in are Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Turks and Caicos, and Puerto Rico.

im intrested to see what type of project you are looking for money for?

go to and they have the hard money matrix - i feel sure i recently seen a lender there for mexico and costa rica

Sure, there are many offering US based sources of 50% LTV hard money for Mexico property. Do a web search or if you need more help, describe what is the type of project and I will share any suitable lenders of which I know.

Try one of the commercial lender databases such as or

The most important component of any international financing arrangement has been strangely overlooked—RISK…

Finding value in offshore properties is easy, finding lenders to do them isn’t complicated either, but have you (as the go between) done your due diligence on the local governance that might effect your client and your ability to fund in a particular country?

I’ll use Mexico as an example—are your clients are OK with the laws on the books, in particular, the government’s right to confiscate any properties owned by foreigners?

If that doesn’t get ya, think to the future—any change in governmental office (power change), policy, relations between the two countries in question or civil strife in the investment locale can reduce your client’s portfolio to rubble.

Save your pesos amigo, not all is what it appears to be.

Don’t believe me? Say Punta Banda and check out this


Scott Miller

EZ’s right.

There are a few lenders in the US that will go to latin america or europe, but the diligence on those deals gets hairy. Especially if the borrower doesn’t have development experience or cash to put into the deal, as is the case in most hard money transactions.

Without knowing more about your situation, i wouldn’t waste too much time with hard money deals on foreign soil.

I wish i had a dollar for everytime someone asked me to find them money to purchase land in mexico with mineral right and a working silver mine!

Hi Barron1, I’m also looking for international funding for various real estate projects in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I have experience and looking for either JVs or bridging/development loans for fix and flips etc. Regards, Christian.