I am a realtor in SE.Florida area.I have a client that owns upwards of 50 condos-in different areas-acquired over the last 5 years-we want to sell these to the tenants - (should we?) and if so what would be the best way to structure these deals that would make sense to you knowledgeable guys.Should we do seller financing? In essence -I am seeking an option that will give my seller the best returns-HELP!!!

Seller financing is a thought but it doesn’t give the seller any quick return. Just monthly payments.

If the clients/renters are credit challenged or asset poor, there are a few ways to assist them. The clients/renters could do a land contract refi in lieu of a purchase. This could help them qualify for a mortgage easier.

Sandwich lease all those properties in a one year term. Get full asking price, pay no closing costs for the seller and offer incentives to the tenants so they become home owners.

Get the other tenants out who dont want to do a Lease Purchase ;D

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Diana Fontanez
Lease Purchase Specialist and Consultant

I’ve seen the term sandwich lease and don’t know what it is. Can you explain for me?

thanks… :slight_smile:

A Sandwich Lease is basically a lease with an option to purchase. With it you make money upfront, during, and after a deal.

Its a great tool for investors who are starting out since it doesnt require a lot of cash and your credit is not an issue.

But there are more strategies within the Lease Purchase strategy:

Sandwich Lease
Cooperative Agreement - works with non motivated sellers
Pure Option

What’s needed? Powerful contracts, knowledge, marketing plan and action.

To your success,

Diana Fontanez
Lease Purchase Specialist and Consultant

This clients owns 50 condo properties well that is a major project to sell these units so I see your dilemma on this.

The tenants already occupying these units would have the first option to purchase. YOu will need to create real incentives for them to purchase or to be able to purchase down the road
I work with land trusts and first off your cleints if he does not already should have those properties asset protected in some sort of land trust setup. By making these tenants beneficiaries in the land trusts we can automatically credit quailfiy your clients tenants and I can offer incentives other creative financing schemes can not…
Using land trusts we can have quicker escrow periods and do the whole transaction privately since the trusts beneficiaries are keep secret by your designated trustee and your client is protected from his tenants liens, martial disputes, bankruptices, creditor or attorney charging order and so on so in essence all parties are protected legally.
As a realtor you willl be providing a value added service to your client by asset protecting his/her properties and increasing your chances dramatically of getting a viable qualified buyers to purchase his condos. There will be some aggressive marketing required and I can help you with that.
If you call me my contact info is in my signature file and I can review your scenario.