Digital Prospecting Motivated Sellers is now easier and much more profitable!$!

You are living in the best time to be a real estate investor. Thanks to programming advertising, digital prospecting has become the competitive advantage, ambitious and smart investors are looking for.

No more struggling with Google adwords.

No more disappointing Facebook ads.

No more struggling to keep a full pipeline of motivated homesellers and tired landlords.

No more gimmicky “data scraping software” with lukewarm results.

Its time for smart investors to evolve past thinking of lead generation and the rising marketing expenses, time, and disappointment associated with it and invest in sales and marketing that will bring consistent profits from now until you retire an affluent investor.

A real sales and marketing system that will free you up from driving for dollars, putting up bandit signs, or meeting with tire kickers.

A real sales and marketing system that is easy to scale and fully automated. And powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Why programmatic?
The best answer is found here in this article which details how Realtors are using programmatic to identify home buyers online.

The same capabilities can be used to target motivated sellers and tired landlords.

Because programmatic uses online and offline data to target people based on keywords , demographics, and behavior.

With the help of a digital marketing strategist, YOU HAVE THE POWER to set the keywords+demographics+behavior

Now the best part: Generating Massive Income

The traditional ROI for lead generation through direct mail or Google Adwords ranges from 300% to 500%

Programmatic campaigns experience 600% or better, typically peaking at 800% or better.

This should give you goosebumps.

$4,000 X12 months = $48,000 traditional ROI $144,000 to $240,000

vs Programmatic ROI $288,000 to $720,000

This isn’t my opinion. It is all backed up by data and science.

True. It is very convenient and very effective marketing.