difficult renters

ok, i have a question as far as legal recourse. my husband and i have been very patient with a family that we leased our house to. we were a little desperate at the time and went with one of those ‘investors’ that advertise that they will buy your house from you. basically what they are really doing is setting up a contract with you for a year, then they find someone to put in the house…so the investor buys it from you for a set amount and then sells it to the tenants for another. her eis our problem:- the people this ‘investor’ stuck in the house repeatedly got turned down for financing from the bank. we extended their contract 3 times, being the patient people that we are. but we told them this 3rd time that we were not going to do it again, either they buy it or get out. we have tried to enter the house 3 times now, to see the condition of the house, show to realtors etc. we have been DENIED 3times! this last time, the tenants have told the property manager if we try to walk through while they are still in it, they will refuse to pay for any potential damages! Can they do this?

Without seeing the contract you signed, there’s no real way to determine if the tenants have legal right to do any of this. The downside is that you may be looking at an eviction process.

The property management sounds a bit suspect in this instance. Have you checked BBB?

Ultimately, in the L/O contracts I use, financing is the responsibility of the tenant buyer, and is not a condition of performance of the lease option.

If you have an attorney, it may be prudent to consult with him/her on the situation. As a homeowner, you have rights, if they haven’t been negated with an agreement of some sort.

Hope this helps.