Different ways to remove bad smells

I recently purchased a single family home that I am looking to rehab and sell. I was wondering what were some different ways that you would use to remove bad smells from a property.

This property has 3 distinct bad smells.
1.) Bad pet smell
2.) Human BO smell
3.) Chlorine smell (in a sunroom they put a hot tub in)


Open all the windows and keep them open as long as possble…nothing better than letting it air out.

Regarding the pet smell, if there are carpets you will have to remove them…simply cleaning is not likely to do the trick if the smell is strong. I also recommend cleaning the subfloor before laying new pad and carpet. Spray a mixture of amonia and water.

Remove anything soft that could absorb odor, like furniture, window treatments, etc.

The house I’m currently rehabbing smelled so bad that the realtor suggested we bring masks and she refused to go inside the house. The various animal smells were unbelievable. By the time I had the windows open for 3-4 days (I closed them at night) and had ripped out all the carpet and pad, all it needed was a little Kilz on some of the urine spots in the subfloor and the smell was gone.