Different ranks of real estate investors

You’ve got the total phonies who show up to REIA meetings and act like real estate ballers but they do not have diddly

You’ve got people like me who are working hard and wannabees who are making their way into the real world of investing

Then there are mom and pop investors with 1-5 rentals

Then what?

At the top of the totem pole you have ultra wealthy real estate moguls

But what levels of investors are in between?

At the REIA meetings in general none of the people there have any real estate and most never will. Those are not the ones that can help you. The guys that are sponsoring the event, the guys standing around the back of the room. These are the the market makers.

Levels of investors vary greatly. I know a guy that is invested in over a thousand units. When I nailed him down I found that he invested about $100,000 over 10 deals. He brings home about $2,000/month. Then this other guy has 50 units. He owns them himself and brings home about $7,000/month. What I have found out is that you don’t know how big a person is unless you know. You have to ask invasive questions to find out and a lot of people won’t just give that to you.

Nice one, Blue. Im an invasive questioner and its ticked a lot of the phonies off. Its amazing how much these people are being poseurs.

Im the type to stand up during the meeting and declare Ive got ziltch, you know help me out people (laughs) $$$


I gather biz cards and i go online to verify if they are brokers or realtors, how long, etc. i check out their small businesses websites and Yes they mostly seem flimsy at best.

There are regulars who consistantly stand up at meetingsand pitch they have properties for sale. Its probably not the best of properties, but people are Certainly actively fixing up properties. It takes a long time to figure out who is for real.

REIA’s are full of deception…

I hate going to REIA’s. Theres so many newbies there.

I was very active here some years ago but this is my first post since. My beloved wife and I have put together a real estate portfolio that includes 14 addresses in a small town in south Georgia near Savannah. The properties are a mix of commercial, industrial and residential. All are historic. I had a heart attack some months ago and we are thinking about “wholesaling” our “estate” as we now live out-of-state. We have run ads for some of the individual properties but only generated the wannabe bird dog contacts with assignment contracts to no results, auction companies that want to auction it for 5 cents on the dollar or realtors who want to “list” them and sit on them for two years. How does one get through to the “real” investors that have the cash?