Difference between real estate agent and real estate broker

From a technical standpoint, the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker is the fact that they hold different licenses. In order to obtain the different licensing, a real estate broker must actually complete additional coursework beyond what a real estate agent must complete. Although many people use the terms real estate agent and real estate broker interchangeably, a broker actually has more schooling and bears more responsibilities throughout the transaction. Since a broker has more education and experience, real estate agents actually work beneath the broker. Therefore, a person that works as an independent realtor must be a broker as well.

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What I would like to know is what do you need a license to do? What activities are off limits unless your licensed?

Earning a commission on a real estate transaction… As long as youre a principle in the deal youre fine… What you cant do is be paid for hooking up buyers and sellers without a license…

In some states you can only assign so many deals without being a licensee… But dogging can be illegal if done the wrong way… With all of this said I haven’t seen the DRE police out lately… They and the FBI have been too busy investigating and arresting real estate agents and Brokers for lender fraud…

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Briefly explained yet direct to the point. So much for confusion between the two. Good job indeed. :beer

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To be technical a broker is the only one licensed to deal with the public as an agent. The non-broker licensee is only licensed to act as an agent for the broker, not the public.

Basically some more technical terms to add to Bay Area Brian’s reply: principle, fiduciary, and agent.

I think a real estate broker is normally the principle, and as Bay Area Brian mentioned is the only one incensed to deal with the public. The estate agent has a fiduciary relationship with the broker to act as on the brokers behalf.

A little tidbit for those looking at possibly becoming brokers.

You can be 50% owner in a company where your partner is a broker…essentially giving you all of the benefits of being a broker without the direct liability.

At least this is the case in Florida. Check the law where you live.

You can still sell / buy “buyer lists” completely legally, however, even though technically I suppose that is a kind of “finder’s fee”, right?