Did you use a lawyer to start your LLC in Maryland? Looking for info...

Hello everyone. I’m thinking about starting a LLC in Maryland and I’m wondering if anyone on the boards has used a lawyer to do so. I hear that if your LLC is formed on weak docs then you run the risk of being held personally responsible by tenants, etc. despite the fact that the properties are held by an LLC. So if anyone has used a lawyer or a good service to file the LLC please post here. Thanks always.


If you want the name of someone who can set it up for you, PM me and I’ll email it to you. I am in Maryland. She is based out of Va but can establish LLCs in all 50 states and her rate is very reasonable, IMHO. I actually applied to the state for an inc., but will eat the $140 I paid to make sure this is done right and that the corporate veil is not so easily pierced!