did you Get Tim Randle's Post Card? Excellent Example!

Not sure who Tim sent the post card to, but thats an excellent example of a post card and you definitely should swipe it!

The post card had excellent direct marketing elements:

  1. Expiration Date suggesting urgency
  2. Special invitation suggesting exclusivity
  3. Addressed specifically to you with URL specific to you suggesting personalization and importance of you
  4. Call to action
    5 Good headline - although made me sceptical
  5. plus other things…

If you received it, do save it and one day you should be able to use it in the future.

Can u point in the direction to get the post card, because I need to see how a post card is actually written, and what to say to potential sellers.

If anyone else can point me to a sample letter it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance

I also would like to get my hands…or eyes on one. I use a ton of targeted postcards in my market.

Tim runs this website, and not sure he would like me to share his postcard with everyone if it was only sent to specific group of people :slight_smile: I was surprised by all the direct marketing techniques implemented in it, it actually was pretty good and refreshing to see it.

I am probably ending up teasing you more so than helping you guys… sorry about that… I just love marketing topics.