Did I miss the boat ?

Have been doing a LOT of reading and research (thanks for this forum btw) on becoming a bird dog, to start. Someone, who is a bidder for an investment firm, told me that the housing market is “back” and there is no money to be made for me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

There is always money to be made in real estate. There is more competition now but it’s not impossible to find deals. You jus have to change how you look for them.


that’s silly. Don’t know why they would say that to you. Just because the market may be turning around doesn’t mean that people don’t need to sell ugly houses at a discount. Just take action.

Thank you both ! I Will take action.

My next question would be this. What do I do now with leads that are not “deals”. I read that I should pass them over to a RE agent. What do I ask for in return…comps? And, do I tell my seller t?that I am going to pass them over to an agent? All assistance is appreciated.