DFW wholesalers please read !!!!!

What’s going on everyone!

I have been looking forward to wholesaling and it’s been a long difficult journey for sure, I wanted to connected with a some like minded, driven individuals, who are in the business. I do have a partner and would like to have real estate friends let’s make the best of this business, I’m a girl turning 26 on nov 21’st who’s looking to build my pocket’s without going to my 8 to 5 job. If you read this and see the vision in connecting let me know.



Good hustle. Fail forward. I’m not in your area but it was tough for me also when I first started out. You have to study sales and marketing. Get those two mastered and wholesaling real estate will become more profitable.

Great job, Keep up the work and don’t let any obstacle stop you. Persistence will make you successful.

You should be proud of yourself. The level of determination you have is too high. More power to you! :smiley: