deutsche bank foreclosure

Does anybody know the procedures for contacting this bank about foreclosures? They don’t list their foreclosures with realtors here in Ohio. They request that you send a fax to them with your name and contact info and the property address. They are supposed to contact you with the price of the property. Have tried this for 30 days and have gotten no response from them. Does anyone know about this bank or how to go about it in a different way?

Sorry, I don’t know about this specific bank but I wanted to ask, what is so special about Deutsche REOs? I am not saying that it’s not worth the effort, so I am just trying to understand your perspective better, to see if I can help further. By the way, I can almost guarantee the Deutsche uses realtors to dispose of their properties. They may use a clearing-house or asset management company as a middle-man before it gets to the assigned real estate broker, but I cannot imagine that they would have the man-power to manage the disposition of their properties themselves. Alternatively, it is possible that they just sell their assets off to another commercial entity, and not even mess with “retailing” their REOs. I don’t see banks wholesaling their REOs unless they have other financial concerns, and they usually wholesale in large portfolio of REOs at a time - like several hundred REOs at a time.

they have a head office in New York


Fax them daily for 30 days.