Deutche Bank

Does anyone know how to get through to the REO of Deutche Bank (I’m in Massachusetts). I called the main number and was told that they do not foreclose on the property and then I was put through to some property inquiry voice mail. I think that is for the general public. I want the department that handles the property that was bought back from the bank. Help!!

I’ve had the same response. If I understand it properly, Deutsche Bank doesn’t hold the note. They are trustee for the note holder. In the case that I’m currently working it’s Ameriquest Mortgage Company.

I’ve contacted the attorney handling the foreclosure for Deutsche Bank and trying to get the short sale approved that way.

You might want to try this - Get a copy of the recorded mortgage or deed of trust, see if it has a MIN number, call (888) 679-6377, enter the MIN number to find the current servicer of the loan. Go to to find more information.

To my knowledge they do not service any loans. I have had several REO’s under their name, but handled by other companies. Indymac Bank services loans for them also.