Determining whether a house is wholesale worthy.

My name is Geovanni from New York, NY. The question I need answered is how to judge whether a particular house can be be profitable for all parties involved in the deal; the mathematics of the deal essentially. If anyone could help clear this up for me it would be very much appreciated.


It really is not complicated…you need to put yourself into each position of a transaction (that would be your position as a wholesaler and the position of a person who would buy from you)and realistically say would this work for me and the other party involved. If the answer is yes, than it could be the right deal…remember everyone needs to win in a deal.

If you box yourself in to a certain mathematical formula, you will ultimately miss opportunities that would have been a good deal for everyone involved. Look at each deal, think about all parties that will be involved, set aside greed and qualify the deal on it’s own merits.

That is when you know if it is a worthy deal.

Hope this helps.

R.E. Investor/Mentor