Determining Fair Market Value

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If you don’t have access to the local MLS, is there an online website that you can go to that will give you a list of comparable sales?

Are there any online resources available?

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i’ve befriended a local chicago title rep. he gave me online access to their premium services which allows you to pull comps. can give you same access.

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Unfortunately it appears this service is not available in Oklahoma :-[ Wouldn’t you know.

I very much appreciate your response.

I have found a site that will give you a free home appraisal.

Take a look:

Hope this helps!

How accurate is that ditech site?

I also have a site I look at

I and several other colleagues have used it with very good results.

Its not the “final answer” just a helpful tool I found. :wink:

I use the ditech site often. Another accurate source I have found is

When I wanted to comp. in the area I was interested in I asked my lender. They usually can get comps from appraisers for free.