I’m looking to purchase properties this year about 4-5 rehb them and sell two for retail I trying to find out the best way to achieve this goal I will need help in financing this project but the first step would be to find these properties can anyone give me any ideas tips or something ???


The first thing I would do is get myself pre-approved. That will tell me what I can get financing for things like rates, cash down, etc. These are the basics of the deal. If you don’t line up the financing first, it is like fishing without a fishing pole. No matter how many fish you find, you can’t land them without a pole, you need financing to close on a house. The pre-approval will let you know if you are taking about getting a big house of or a little house.

There is a car dealership in Houston that has a commercial that says price sell cars. That is true but financing sells houses. That is what KBHomes does. Everybody that walks in gets financing, that is how they sell so many homes.

Investors are the same. The only reason we don’t all have 1000houses is that we can’t get financing for 1000 houses.