Deposited my first assignment fee today!

Well I deposited my first check today. Not that big of one, but feels good to be making money on another venture.
I look forward to working with yall and getting paid for a long long time to come!

Congrats!! :beer

Congratulations… Keep it going. Make sure you make a copy of it and put it on the wall for motivation.

CONGRATS the Beer is on you…


Awesome. Now rinse and repeat until dripping with money.

One thing to keep in mind about wholesaling is this:
You’ve got to keep the funnel full!

Deals don’t close, deals don’t close on time, someone stiffs you on the assignment fee etc.

keep em coming. Keep working on several deals at once.

I remember having 4 closings one week when I was still new in the business. It was an awesome feeling that I know you’ll experience as well.

Remember too that wholesaling is not just for these junkers either. Pretty houses, or like we like to say them in Houston PERTY houses can be wholesaled as well.

That’ why I LUVVV real estate options.

Let me know if I can help in anyway


Thanks guys, its nice to start along another road to wealth

Dennis, thats the majority of houses we are working with down here, few more in the oven right now. Ha talking about perty houses, you sound like one of my mentors here, do you invest down in Corpus?

Good Job, Sam:

Very exciting to get your first check…makes you wonder why you didn’t do this before…anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

Any bites on the 4 plexes?


Let’s make it one of many.

good job!

Love it!!

Congratulations SLK!!!

Grats man!

I hope i can make one of this threads one day

Outstanding SLK!

Great Job Sam!!! Now you just need to go ahead and do it again and again and again!!

That is the life of a wholesaler

small check small check…BIG check small check BIG check…

just keep it going…

keep your pipeline filled with leads and potential deals and you will be fine!