Denying a tenant

Hello fellow investors,

Just wanted a quick check with you how you usually inform prospective tenants that they have been denied. Do you send a letter to their current address? an Email? A Phone call?

I understand that if you base the denial on their credit report I would need to send them a letter stating which credit bureau etc, but if I deny them based on public record information, what is the best (most commonly used) approach?

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I tell everyone that fills out an application to call me that evening and I’ll give them the result of their screening. If they fail because they’ve been evicted or they’re a criminal, I tell them so. BTW, the fact that I even did the screening means that they also lied on their application. I just tell them straight up - I don’t take people who have been evicted or I don’t take criminals.


Thanks Mike,

I guess I have a lovely phone call to look forward too, lied on the application is basis for denial :slight_smile:

The phone call is nothing to be wary of. I DESPISE liars, deadbeats, and scumbags and I enjoy telling them exactly that!!!


But but, she looked so sweet LMAO…

I don’t worry bout the phone call, I look forward to it. I specifically mention in the application that lying is grounds for denial…

I am sure this wont be the last call either, although I have to admit that it sucks to actually realize that everything you mention in your book is true… (Not that I had any doubts, just that I had more hope for humanity)…

I also always tell them by phone. In the state of Texas you are required to give them the reasons that will cause them to be denied before you take their application fee. I have sheets printed up with the reasons listed on it. I give them the application with that sheet attached. They sign the sheet stating that they have seen and understand it. When I call them that evening I tell them which reason disqualified them.

Most of the bad ones come up with an excuse why they have to take the application home to fill it out and I never hear from them again.

We send letters stating the reason for denial unless the applicant happens to call back to check on the status. We list specific reasons for denial.

Man this is getting fun,

I have been trying to get a hold of this applicant for a few days without luck. So I went back to her application to get the phone nr for her place of work. She filled in her position as Executive admin at a software company. I looked up the name of the company in the states business directory. No luck. I did a reverse phone number lookup and guess where the number goes :slight_smile:

A somewhat reputable Adult entertainment place here in Dallas… I guess executive now takes on a whole new meaning :slight_smile:

If you deny based on information in the credit report, you are required to send an FCRA-compliant letter to the applicant. I tell prospects they will hear from me within 24 hours if they approved.

Thanks BLL,

I didn’t even have to pull a credit report, this young lady had enough lies and wrongful information in the application that I will deny based on falsified information (That was easily accessible through public records).

I never would have thought this about this person as she looked very clean cut and nice at first glans, I thought I had good eye for judging people :shocked I learn so much every day…

Never can tell by looking. Sounds like you’ve learned some of the cheap/free methods to weed out the trash. Good job!

I wouldn’t bother trying to find her. She’s obviously changed her mind since she hasn’t called back. That is exactly why I have all applicants CALL ME back to get their results. If they know that they’re going to fail the screening, they usually won’t call back. That saves them some embarrassment and avoids a phone confrontation with the landlord. The ones that do call back, knowing that they lied on their application, are real scumbags and deserve to be told so.

At any rate, if they don’t call back, you certainly have no duty to notify them of anything. Obviously, you haven’t denied their application until they call back and you tell them that they are denied.


Thanks Mike,

I agree 100% with you, the funny part is that she did fax me her paychecks yesterday evening, or at least what is pretended to be the paychecks. It does have a company name on their, no logo no tax number, no address, no phone number… In short it looks like a home made stub :slight_smile:

I will wait for her to call back until then I guess her application is pending