Denver Market

Hi folks,

Can anyone give me a summary on the Denver, CO market? Will rentals cashflow and if so what types, areas are good. Aurora looks reasonable ($50k townhouses) but I dont know if the neighborhoods are less than desirable.

Also, I have heard that it’s completely overbuilt with new homes which is having an adverse effect on existing homes(more so than today’s norm).

I may be relocating there in a year or so but am anxious to begin investing. Any info is appreciated.


p.s. If you would like to tell me if its a nice place to live or not thats good info too.

We are located in Denver. We never, ever buy in Aurora though.

We are focusing most of our effort right now on bank REO’s. We are able to negotiate big discounts on bank owns right now.

Just this month alone we have picked up 3 houses at about 55 cents on the dollar straight from the bank. One is being fixed up and the others we wholesaled out to other investors.

I can point you in the right direction…send me a PM and i’ll suggest some good areas.

Rentals will cashflow in certain areas. They key is buying at 55% so you can get them to meet the criteria.