Democrats - Is this video accurate?

Calling all political experts and non-experts. What is your opinion of this video? Is this a fairly accurate accounting of the mess that we are in?

All opinions are welcome!

Nice video editing and soundtrack but to blame everything on democrats and the community reinvestment act is naive. The CRA was created to force banks to not “red line” poor communities, meaning refuse to make loans to credit worthy borrowers just because their property was located in a less desireable neighborhood. The CRA did not force banks to lend to non credit worthy borrowers! In fact federal bank examiners specialize in reviewing the CRA activities of banks to confirm that they are at least considering loans from all applicants, but again does not require them to make loans to a non credit worthy borrower.

The mess we are in is attributable to the rash exuberance of all market participants; borrowers, lenders, government enterprises, wall street, real estate investors, and non-saving americans whom live beyond their means.

pointing fingers is a lot easier than using the brain, eh?