democrats cheering their power away

I still can’t believe the exception by congress of all these czars.Can’t these idiots see when they are being over powered?The czars have full presidential power and answer only to the president(like in soviet union,comm.japan)and even their pay is between them and the president.I say we call all the dems in congress and ask them what exactly their job is since theydon’t read anything they pass and are losing power by the day.
I think it’s safe to say he meant "change"govt for the worse not the better.This is soooo against the constitution and taxation without representation in full.

Here’s the way I look at this…

No one here knows how any of this will play out. We don’t know because no one here can ACCURATELY predict the future. With that in mind two possible outcomes can occur…

  1. These czars actually fix some of the problems they’ve been assigned to work on. ( I doubt it) But maybe a few make some progress and that would be a good thing.

  2. They screw things up even MORE and Americans FINALLY get so pissed off they create MEANINGFUL changes to our goverment. We all know THAT kind of radical change will ONLY occur if things get so bad that people just about riot and take to the streets. It could happen. But remember…IF it does…THEY ALL GET THROWN OUT. That’s what they ALL fear most!!! BOTH sides.

Either way…AMERICA will survive… It’s just a question of which path gets us there.

Just my opinion.

Path 2 sounds good!

We don't know because no one here can ACCURATELY predict the future.

depends on what time frame you’re talking about.



so you can predict the future over some period of time?

I’d love for it to be fixed peacefully,but it’s not looking that way.Have any of you actually tried to talk to any of these politicians(if you get through).Their staff are rude and very unhelpful,so I’m really sure they give their boss your message :rolleyesWhat else are we supposed to do,and they make fun of the tea parties as if they are a joke.But if it was 10 protestors for liberals it would be front page.How long,before they notice they are stuck in a bubble and we are tired of it?