Delondon-Real Estate Wholesaling Course 101

Just a question: Has anyone purchased Delondon’s Real Estate Wholesaling 101 Course?
If so, could you please provide feedback…

I’m contemplating between this one and Eric Medemar’s


Hello Opmcapinvest,

I am glad that you are considering my course. Looking forward to you becoming a success story based of the things I am offering to the public.

My course consist of detailed video of me actually going in the field (the trenches is what I call it) showing you some really cool incentives to getting the word out about your services as a wholesaler. Let me know if you have any questions in reference to my material. I answer emails.



This upsell really needed to be a PM. Please confine your business to avenues outside of the Forums.




:shocked Not trying to upsell. I respect your rules here on this forum. One of the best there is. :banana