Delinquent Tax Records

Hello all,

I went to my local county building to the deliquent tax office to request a list of all deliquent tax records and a list of any property they didn’t sell from last years auction.

Well they have a catalog of deliquent tax records on the counter for anyone to look through, but said they could not nor had a way to give me a copy to take with me…

My question is since this is public information, why wouldn’t I be allowed a copy to take home?

And about last years properties that didn’t sell, she went to the back and talked with someone and came back and told me there wasn’t any left from last year, which I find hard to believe…I’m guessing there may be some other investors that have these people helping them out and just not giving me the info, just my opinion…

What are you all’s thoughts?

In my county, the tax sale is held once a year. A listing of properties is available a couple of weeks before the sale. You have to be a registered buyer and the list has to be purchased. Depending on when your tax sale is scheduled, the public list may not be available other than the copy you saw. In that case, I might try a freedom of Information request.

Hav e you checked to see if your county is online. Many counties these days place a link to the current properties available for sale or ou can purchase from them. In Arizona, you can purchase a list of properities from Maricopa county. But they wont list the HO with properties delinquent taxes. Depending the oounty in Florida, either its free or you pay for it.