Defensive Real Estate Investing

I wanted to ask what some of you are doing to defend your real estate investments and ensure that you are stabilizing or continuing to grow your real estate income during the economic downturn:

  1. Are you diversifying the type of real estate or the segment that you invest in?
  2. Are you modifying or adding perks or benefits to close the deal or get or retain tenants?
  3. Are you doing more creative deals using what may have once been considered creative financing?

What changes in strategy or new tactics are you undertaking to continue to remain profitable?

Thank you -


Herman A. Brunson, Jr.
HBInvestCo, Inc.

Herman, I like that question!
I hope it brings to open up a great discussion.

I can say for myself, it got me thinking, ‘what am I doing’

Speaking for myself I can honestly say that I am doing all 3 of those however I’d like to change the word ‘defensive’ to ‘offensive’ only b/c I don’t feel I’m on the defensive.

I have recently changed a few marketing strategies and lead generation to improve on deal quality but I don’t think I did that in a defensive state of mind.