Is a firearm for self defense against tenants deductible? :biggrin

If you actually use it for work, yes. I do, for my property in New Orleans. Always carry my .357 snubnose hammerless. Gonna write it off as an expense. I didn’t need a snubnose before having to travel back and forth to N.O., but I wouldn’t go without one.

The neighborhood I’m investing in is very nice, but it’s not far from thugville, only an exit away, but a world of difference. Better safe than sorry. Check with your CPA, but I think it actually can be deducted. \

Just like PropertyManager’s motorcycle, if you can prove it is for work, deduct it.


P.S. What do you carry? Here’s mine.

My father has all of my guns, I need to get them back from him eventually. I also need to get off my butt and get my permit to carry. This is what I have but I would want to buy something easier to carry like what you have.

Very nice!

Yes, this little Taurus fits easily in front or back pockets, purses, almost anywhere, and with very little parts to snag while pulling it out. Great little carry gun, and when the GF carries it, I put .38 rounds in it for her. She doesn’t like the kick with the .357 Hydroshox. :cool

I’m as sharp as a marble today. Quoted myself…no delete key…good job. :banghead