Deductible for Taxes, LLC expenses..

I just wanted to make sure the following are good categories for keeping track of through the year for tax-deduction purposes… let me know if you have others I haven’t covered here;

LLC Set-up legal fees
Company Vehicle (repairs, maintenance costs, etc.)
Square footage of home office divide into monthly mortgage.
Advertising costs (business cards, print ads, etc.)
DSL monthly fees, Website costs, etc.
Stationary and office supplies, computer/printer supplies, upgrades
Escrow Fees (?)
Investment Property Insurance (?)
Online information fees
Credit Protection service fees
Mileage, meals during work hours (?)

Any other deduction categories I should keep track of??


categories should, first, be meaningful to YOU. If you want to track your newspaper advertisive separate from yard signs, radio, tv, whatever, then those are the categories you should track. Your bookkeeping is for YOUR information.

absent any personal preferences, take a look at the tax forms. If you personally don’t care one way or the other, you might as well make my job easier.