Deck built for a pool... but no pool there

I recently purchased an REO that needs some fixing up. In the backyard there is a deck, with an area cut out for an above-ground pool. However, since this was a foreclosure, the bank didn’t want the liability of a pool on a vacant property so it had the pool removed. Now I’m trying to figure out the best option. I’m in eastern Pennsylvania where pools aren’t terribly common (like 1 per block). As far as I see, the two main options are find a used pool to throw in there, or fill in the deck so it’s square. One consideration is that it’s late November, so my time to work on outdoor projects will be limited by the weather. Any ideas? There are pics linked.>nu%3D3256>3<%3B>%3B92>WSNRCG%3D323333<543463nu0mrj>nu%3D3256>3<%3B>%3B92>WSNRCG%3D323333<549%3B7%3Bnu0mrj>2347%3D4%3B<%3D<83%3DXROQDF>232424%3B634373ot1lsi

The cost of filling in the deck would be about $500-600. I’m not sure about a pool, or if I can even find one at this time of year. Also with the rebuilding is the fact that because it’s a two-tiered deck, the sides are at weird heights. On the lower tier, the back and sides are five feet high. If we filled in at the same height, you couldn’t sit on the deck and see the rest of the backyard. At the same time, it seems like using a different height would look silly. Or I could use a lower height railing all the way around and tear out the existing rails.

I wouldn’t put in a pool. If you search on this forum, you’ll find that a pool will actually decrease property value most of the time. The reason being, a lot of people don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a pool, or the potential hazard of small children falling in.

Crimini! The place is already crawling with kids! :slight_smile:

If it were for a rental, I would chose:

(c) put a railing up to form a rectangle at the second post back and leave the deck as is otherwise.

If it were for a sale, I would chose (b) and fill the deck in…

I would not under either scenario put a pool in for all of the reasons that Travis cited…they can be a HUGE liability!


Wow good one! I would put in stairs and a railing and tell the new owners there was a pool right here before! And let them decide if they wanted a pool again or if they wanted a rectangular deck! That would be my final answer if I was going to rent it or sell it! and leave the railing up until you sell it!

Here is my thought process on this you never know what the end buyer is going to like if you do a pool they might not like pools if you do a deck they might rip it out and put in a pool! If you paint the house lime green they might like hot pink! If you put in nice carpet they might like hardwood! Save your $$ and do it cheap and let the next owner decide!


I’d put a little yellow rubber duck in the pool… or in the dirt where there is no pool yet.