Deceptive Practice by Real Estate Training Company.

Deceptive Practice by Real Estate Training Company.

I have a problem with a Real Estate Seminar Company.
They use deceptive practices to make me believe that
the Training Seminar comes with a Managment Software.
Only after the refund period has passed then they
told me that I have to pay extra for the software.
They refused my request for a refund.

Do I have a case in this? Is there any third party
organization that can help us to arbitrate this kind of

Is there any organization that we can report this
kind of deceitful companies?

What do you have in writing about the software being provided?

I’ve been investing in real estate for over 20 years.

I use NO software at all to do ANY of it.

Real Estate is about finding undervalued properties. If someone had software that could do that, that person would make Bill Gates look like a poor cousin.

Forget the Real Estate Training companies. You just learned a same lesson every new guy learns…There are no EASY ways to make money in real estate. Software programs claim to make things EASY, it’s BS, especially in this business.

You just paid your tuition. Now the question is will you continue to PAY or will you start to EARN? You local REI club can get you more info than any Real Estate training company on earth. It’s all free, and all provided by people actually BUYING and SELLING …REAL ESTATE!
Not seminars.

This is the major part of the problem.
The product is mentioned everywhere in their presentation, in their CDs, in their teaching, in their advertising, in our phone conversations. However there is nothing written down for the specific program that I am supposed to get. There is nothing about “cost” is written down anywhere.

If this is not deceptive I wonder what is!

How did you not notice during the trial period? Just because they mention it, or train based on it, does not mean it is part of the package.