Deceased Neighbors property

Here is the situation: My immediate neighbor recently passed away. He had no children or legal spouse. As far as I had heard no one has even come forward to claim the body, so I don’t believe there are any relatives.

The real estate situation is this: Owes appk 5k in back taxes. Has a reverse mortgage in place, taken out in appx 2004. The property is a tear down for lot value as that is the trend in my neighborhood. New construction homes on comparable lots are retailing at 750-900k.

According to records lot is worth 288k. I don’t even want to factor in the physical structure because it is decrepid.

What are the steps I need to take to ascertain what $$ I could offer and to whom. I know from county clerk records BofA is the reverse mortgage holder.

This may or may not be a profitable deal, if the numbers work right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Put a sign in the front yard that reads “HOUSE FOR SALE” if there is anyone associated with the house they will call you…

They are a good place to start if they will talk to you. If not see if the home is going through probate and if there are any heirs.