Deals w/More than 20% Equity Spread- Do They Exist?

It’s usually VERY hard to come across deals with 20%+ Equity

If so, where?

Let’s Chop-it-Up!

I come across many myself and see no reason in not sharing the wealth.

8)YES i agree i have come across them a lot in my area and it is not hard to find them !!! I most of the time have a hard time getting funds to do them more so then finding the deal . ANY ideas how to have more money to do the deals and less hard times getting the funds

They are hard to find (if they were easy - everyone would be doing it, so the saying goes).

Now, having said that, I have MANY HUD foreclosures that fit the mold (20%+ equity), but they are usually jumped all over by people. However, once in a great while one manages to stay afloat long enough to grab. :wink:

When the market in my area was good the 20% could be found but it required more work and more offers. Now that the market is very sloooow, I am finding deals at 40-70% of FMV. I know the market could keep going down but in the mean time I can just rent them out, or wholesale them to other long term holding investors for great profits.

If you are having trouble in your own market finding deals, then try within a 2 hour perimeter of your home market. Sometimes depressed markets are only a stones throw away.

Eric Medemar