Deals on MLS?

I was curious if there are any real deals to be found on MLS?


Sure, but you need to be able to recognize them as “deals”! I only buy 4-5 properties a year but I could probably find 50+ a year that are “deals”…I find deals all the time and get my Realtor to show them to me before making a decision. Trying to look at one today!


There are a small percentage of good deals on MLS. I explain to new investors that once a home is on MLS, everyone knows about and are in competition. The investor will get the home if no one else wants it because the investor needs to make money.

The best way to find deals is off market, of course. Networking and marketing as an investor will be the biggest payoffs. If you’re serious as an investor, get investor business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet.

I totally agree Dee I have only done 284 deals this year (way down from last year) I have had a ton of other things going on and we are only looking for 75% LTV deals and out of those deals 8 of them were listed on the MLS!

wow so there are not many deals on the mls. do they have a site. maybe i might could find my first deal on there.

dtrump there are deals there I just do not look at them as there are so many others looking there I focus my efforts in other places!