Deals Done

OK by popular request we will start a string on Deal Done… Let us know IN BRIEF, what your most recent or most interesting deal was… I’ll start

with a post…

Ummmm…“popular request” by whom? I read every post/every day and not seen this request…


Never heard of Deal Done. Done Deal might of been a catchier name for whatever crap your selling.

P.S.- Love the new signature Keith!

Did you see the pic? It was killing me!


What pic?

First article:


LOL- That’s going in a frame!

Not a big Kerry fan??


Let’s just say if he was hiding in a cave I could easily mistake him for OBL with a hair cut. :wink:

Thank the Lord Kerry finally got all his previous fans to remove those damn bumper stickers. Since his fabulous blunder, I think I’ve seen one . . . where I used to see at least 50 or so a day in Seattle.

The pic and the banner were great.


P.S. Keith you do have the greatest signatures.