Dealing with Wells Fargo

Hello everyone!!! I’m a new member to REIC, and was wandering if anyone could help me. I’m getting ready to start short sale negotiations with Wells Fargo on a VA loan, and would like to get some helpful tips from anyone who has worked with them before, because I have heard that they can be really tough to deal with. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Also, are they receptive to “and/or assigns” clauses, and do they require any “specialty” paperwork for their packages that is different from most others. Thanks in advance!

Short sales require quite a bit of time and effort. VA loans are guaranteed so they will most likely NOT discount to where you can make money. I stay away from VA, and
FHA loans, because they will get more from the GOV then from me.

very good point VA loans are insured by the government!! On the other hand I have done short sales on VA loans in the past they just do not discount like most. Moving right along to the next question who holds the second? If there is one… If there is one work on them for awhile!!!