Dealing with run-off water in the basement

Guys, I have run off water entering my basement. Not a significant amount, but when it rains hard, you can see very little water seeping in through the bottom of the basement walls… and then leading to some mold formation along the bottom of the walls.

Waterproofing would be overkill. but I was told that putting in drains may be a good idea, and having the drain empty through a PVC pipe that will extend about 20 ft away from the front of the house. I think I need drains because there’s a corner in the front of the house where the water always collects and eventually goes into the ground, to the basement.

What are some thoughts on drains or dealing with this run off water??

Why would waterproofing be overkill? You can buy 5gal bucket of that masonry sealer stuff from Home Depot and slap it on yourself, problem solved, or at least averted for the time being. Are the gutters set up properly and are the downspouts draining far enough away from the house?

It’s overkill b/c I’ll have to dig around the side of the house to apply that sealer stuff. Dig through the driveway, then 4-6 ft of dirt.

The gutters and downspot are in good condition, I could adjust them a bit, but the problem is that there are areas where water collects. The flow of water around the driveway collects at a corner of the house and then seeps into the basement. So if there was a drain at that corner, then it wouldn’t collect and wouldn’t seep into the basement. That’s the only solution I have

So its a fair amount of water then, I thought it was just a little moisture and I was referring to sealing from the INSIDE, not the outside, so yeah that would be ALOT of work!

could you add dirt/rocks so that the grade of the earth goes away from the house and not toward it?

Best bet is to slope the grade around the house away from the house with clay, or concrete near the driveway. You dont want your driveway sloped towards the foundation wall draining everything along the wall and into the basement at the footing.