Deal scenario

house on market for 2 1/2 months, 2 price drops, vacant, listed with Realtor for $36K, my buyer will take any condition 3/1+ in this neighborhood but wont pay more than $30K.

how do i make an offer on this?


In writing on a group of papers called a contract with a pen!!!!!!!!!!

I Mr. Real Estate investor offer to purchase home at 123 Mountain Lane Anywhere, USA 12345

I offer $25,000 dollars, to close in 45 days! If they counter back then try to stay under $27k or $28k for a final price after negotiations!

Then assign the property and make $1500 or $2000 dollars and on to the next one!


LOL well it doesnt get any simpler than that! wasnt sure if it was the same process as making offers on REO’s. -THX G.R

would this letter be sent to the owner or the agent?


 We don't buy real estate with letters, we buy real estate with a contract!

If it’s listed, to the agent through your agent!

If it’s not listed, to the owner!


When listed through a real estate agency be careful that your Agreement of Sale(AOS)/P&S contract does not prohibit assignments. The standard realtor AOS in my area prohibits assignments.