Deal Here?

I received a website lead on a seller whose husband has been relocated to another state, and they are unable to continue making payments (not behind, yet); they have purchased a home in their new location and need to sell their first home. I have not made contact with the seller by phone, but they indicated that they are undecided about whether to allow us to take over their payments. Assuming that they agree to a subject-to, how would you structure a deal? Is there a deal here?

ARV - 270-280K
1st mort - 184K@adj 5.7%
2nd mort - 56K@12%
Repairs - 5K - probably a little higher
Seller asking 250K

Suggested by another investor:
(1) Have the seller move the 2nd mort to their new property and take sub2, paying them for any remaining equity
(2) Have seller refinance to lower rate and take sub2
(3) Take sub2 and have seller make payments on 2nd mort for awhile.