Deal Analyzer Web Tool?

Hi all:

Just curious, is there any demand for a software to help you analyze deals that would allow you to calculate Income, Expenses, and mortgages all on one screen? (You may already use spreadhseets for something like this) It would also allow you to build a portfolio and allow your mentor, investor friends, etc to add comments. Do you like this idea? Or do you use a similiar website already?

I have created a tool like this that I use just for my own purposes but would be happy to share the link just so you could see the concept (not ready for regular use yet but I do use it). If you would be interested in seeing it please private message me.

At my day job I am a software developer and am looking for ideas and ways to build some cash to invest.

Would love your thoughts and feedback.

bcap, that is a great idea. i can see that being useful, but it seems to me that there are a lot of software options out there already. From a business standpoint, it would seem the market is too crowded.

What i would like to see, however, is a program that will allow me to age for sale ads. Where I’m at, the libraries only keep old newspapers for about a week then it’s off to the recycle bin. Also, Craigslist has been my main tool for searching for prospects. However, craigslist postings can only be aged to 45 days.

A program that will allow me to input a number with a date of original posting tracking to be followed up in a specified amount of days would be great. Also, the capability to immediately inform you of duplicate numbers would be helpful as well.

Hey, it’s just an idea.

Happy New Year by the way! Good luck in your investing!