Deadline to close my short sale 12/15/2008. Buyer Back Out,, Need O/ Buyer !!!

Hi Everyone:

After 7 long months working on this deal, I finally got my acceptance letter for a short sale from both mortgages. My realtor referred me to an end buyer who was trying to get financed with a Hard Money Lender. I helped this end buyer so much, but nothing came through. I desperate looking for a new investor who I can assign this contract to. Can someone, please guide me to the fastest way to find someone for this great deal. Property is located in Worcester, MA. 3 Family, rent received ( Steady ) 4 to 5 K. Property located near a college an can be rent out per room, as is now.

I will so much appreciate any help at this point… I am loosing my head. :banghead

Thanks in advance to whoever can show me the light