Dead People

Can somebody tell me the best way to handle dead people, more specifically finding and buying dead peoples houses?

I have been unable to track down the deceased womans family, even if I did, I would be unsure of what to do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



There is a decent book written on the subject.

Creating Wealth Through Probate by James Banks

It gives an ok overview on the process.

those dead people would be known as probate to the courts or estate sales and if you let me know what state your from i maybe able to help you

Thanks for responding. Im in Tucson, AZ

well this is the best i could do so far for you although i did not pay the 5 bucks and check it out it sure looks like what you need since when i looked on court websites i was not able to find a area to search other then by case# or last name try this website
oh and i found the assesors office could be a good tool for you when wanting to know how much home owner paid for property also can do a broad search and find out if the city shows it as vacant

well, I do very much appreciate the help. The site seems like it will be super helpful


Could anyone please tell me the best place to check in Houston Tx for probate property?
Thanks in advance!

Go to your local REI club and ask around. Somebody should be able to help, either an investor or a vendor at the local meeting.