Days on market

Hi guys,

Is there a website where one could look up the homes that have been on market say for 60 days or greater without having to go through a realtor?


try aslo shows the date listed

Even if you access some of these sites, which actually just provide mls linked information, so you are getting through a Realtor, you only are getting days on market of current listing. If you employ a Realtor, they can research additional information, like previously listing with the same or another agent. including if recently listed then taken off and relisted again. Some mls systems allow archive information going back several years, so if the property was sold 2 years ago and now on the market, a Realtor would be able to give you that information.

Thank you all for the very useful responses! This site is awesome.

wasj, I am struggling with the idea of employing a real estate agent. I do not feel right having someone work for me without paying them (or at least not paying them till closing). I am still in the research phase. Perhaps when I go to a local club meeting I can network with some realtors because, as you stated, a realtor would be able to provide so much more information.

thanks again!

Trust me, you’ll feel a lot LESS right when they take their percentage when you sell a home (about $15,000, assuming the median home price in the United States).

An agent is even more responsive when dealing with a potential investor, as they’ll earn at least 2.4% of every home you buy acting as a buyer’s agent.