David Whisnant's 700 Page Complete Real Estate Investor Program


I’ve recently joined, and I appreciate the forum. I tried to search the forum for any information, good or bad, on David Whisnant’s 700 Page Complete Real Estate Investor Program, but nothing comes up.

Has anyone used this course? I don’t have deep pockets, but I would like to buy a course to get started, or a few books as a newbie.

I downloaded the free 100 pages, and to be honest, as someone who knows nothing about Real Estate Investing, but is able to detect a sales pitch, the info seems pretty solid. There are lots of solid items in the 100 pages, but obviously with the intention to get you to purchase the full course at $397. Maybe it is worth it??

David’s course is also offered on this site:


And his bio is here:


with a few additional articles listed.

The product description is basically the same as his website, where he pitches his full course.


If anyone would be able to share some thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.

And, I have a few more BIG questions, to be posted later. I plan to relocate to the Dallas area, and I would like to invest some of our equity into a few real estate deals, if possible. But I can’t afford to spend all my money on a ‘guru’, and then have nothing to invest with.


I can’t answer for David’s course, but I can answer for Carlton Sheets’ 0 Money Down course, which is the first course we purchased, and now, you can order it for $10 and send it back after listening to it.

Any course is only as valuable as you think it is. They charge huge prices, because they claim to be able to save you that much in your first deal!

You can get almost as much info from this type of site. A course is only as good as the information as to how it pertains to the area in which you’re working. So if you modify your approach, you’re not following the rules that you paid BIG bucks for.

All courses should be used as guides only, and how much are you willing to pay for a guide?

Good Luck!


I have a questions for you, what path of investing do you want to go towards?? there is alot of differant ways to invest in RE. I have no idea if David Whisnant’s the way for you, me or anyone because I don’t know what type of investing he does. But my sugestion would be to get some free Ebooks provided on this site. Figure out what path would be best for you. Than once you get that path set, look up differant gurus who do that path. For instance, If you choose to take the L/O path, Learn everything there is to know about it. Buying/Selling/Legal etc. Once you have your path in your brain. Get out there and do it.
Also read these forums. You’ll learn alot of differant ways and differant view points from very successful investors!!!

Hope this helped alittle!!! good luck and happy investing!!!


Thanks kbrandau.

You are absolutely right, they are just guides. Right now, I can’t afford to pay much.

I mentioned downloading the free 100 pages from David, and they were packed with info. Lots of very helpful stuff. It would seem that on this forum, there might be someone who has used his material to invest. I don’t think his price, $397, is terribly expensive, if it includes all that he claims it does.

I’m trying to read as much as possible as you also suggest, and there is quite a bit of free info around.


Thanks Money-Money-Money.

That is a good question about which direction to go. I know very little about real estate, and even less about trying to invest in it.

My desire is to make a decent living at this, and do the kind of investing that will still give me some time with my family and other commitments that I have.

What is the L/O path? Lease Options? Land - ?

Great suggestions.

Have you read any particular book, ebook, taken a course, that you would especially recommend?


kbrandau…I must ask of all the courses you have read or studied what is your favorite or do you get more out of the Forums?