David Lindahl, Apt. Riches?

Has anyone every heard of this guy or his program? It sounds too good to be true (probably is).

here is the website: http://www.rementor.com/


Hopefully, other folks will respond, but I figured I’d chime in here since I carry his materials…


You can possibly ask him yourself on 8/24/4 as we’re currently scheduled to have a teleconference with Dave. I also received a ton of testimonials from him today (per my request) that I will be putting up on his product pages soon.


I actually went to Daves BootCamp for beginiers in Vegas a few months ago. Great material for beginier and he had several guest speakers wtih more info to get you started. He does a lot of practice scenarios so you can work through numbers to see if a property would be agood deal.

But as with any course if it goes on the shelf & is not worked, you don’t get anywhere. He also offered a more indepth class with mentoring to get you to actually take action.

I learned a lot of what the actual numbers and ratios in a commercial analysis mean and how things all work. You learn enough to know that you need to practice and get comfortable with the basic material and then you may want to look into a more advanced course. You can do deals with the basic course and learn as you go from the first boot camp, but I think I would like to review his course and try out the steps for a while to see where I have questions and then take his more advanced class and get a little more mentoring.

Kim Tucker

At the end of his teleconference on REIclub, Dave Lindahl said he does not invest in areas that have rent control, such as New York City. What does he recommend that those of us who live in NYC do?